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SEAI Grant Information

There are many grants available to help upgrade your home and save money at the same time. Enda Linnane Construction is registered under the home energy scheme. The scheme was put in place to encourage people to improve the energy efficiency in their homes. This was done by offering an incentive, a cash grant, on all work carried out. Work includes wall insulation, heating control upgrades, solar heating, boiler upgrades.

Advantages to the Better Energy Homes Scheme

Extensions can be upward or outward. We can help you to design before you apply for planning (if needed). Extensions can increase the value of your home as well as provide extra living space for you and your family.

  • Reduce your energy bills and save money. Heating a home can cost a lot of money. With the incentive you can upgrade your property while saving more money over time.

  • Less pollution. More energy consumption means more gas emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint when you upgrade.

  • Get a professional opinion on the energy consumption in your home and look at ways to rectify it.

The incentive provides a 13.5% tax credit on all qualifying expenditure. The minimum amount is €5,000 the maximum amount is €30,000. All work must be carried out by a registered contractor. Enda Linnane Construction is fully qualified to carry out all work under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.


For more information on the SEAI scheme, call us today.
We are fully registered SEAI contractors.


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